The AVChat Application for IP.Board 3 handles the integration between your IP.Board 3 web site and our AVChat software:

  • username and gender integration
  • profile url integration
  • profile picture integration
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • placement of video chat within the web site (user and admin interface)
  • control what features each member group from IP.Board has access to
  • control AVChat 3 general settings from IP.Board AdminCP area

IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

Invision Power, the company behind IP.Board, have announced in December 2015 the following product cycle for IP.Board 3.4:

  • March 1, 2016 - End of advanced technical support and development. Basic / limited technical support will continue.
  • June 1, 2016 - End of all technical support. Only security updates will be provided.
  • April 1, 2017 - Complete product End of Life (EOL)

If you’re looking for something specific just hit Ctrl+F on your browser.

Installation Instructions

Download & extract archives

Download these 2 archives from your private client/trial area to your computer:

  1. AVChat 3.0.zip contains AVChat
  2. avchat3_ipboard_3.x_application.zip contains the IP.Board Application

Extract the 2 archives somewhere on your computer. Here’s their contents:

Media Server Application

Once we’ve downloaded & unzipped everything the next thing we need to do is to setup the media server app to which AVChat will connect to.

AVChat uses a media server to send all the audio video and text data between users. AVChat supports the 3 major media servers:

  • Red5
  • Adobe Media Server
  • Wowza

Here’s how to install the avchat30 app on each one of them:

Upload the avchat30 folder from the Files to upload to your media server (Red5) folder to your Red5's webapps folder (C:\Program Files\Red5\webapps on Win, /opt/red5/webapps/ on Linux).

On Linux, chmod the new avchat30 folder to 666.

For versions of Red5 1.0.7 or higher one additional change needs to be made:

  1. Go to /Your_Red5_Install_Directory/webapps/avchat30/WEB-INF
  2. Open red5-web.xml with any text editor
  3. Uncomment line 37

Restart the Red5 server.

Upload the avchat30 folder (you will find it in your AVChat archive in the Files to upload to your media server (FMS) folder) to the applications folder of your AMS installation.

On Linux, chmod the new avchat30 folder to 666.

Upload the applications, lib and conf folders from the Files to upload to your media server (Wowza) folder to the root folder of your Wowza Media Server installation.

Restart the Wowza server.

IP.Board App & AVChat installation

Upload files to your website

Connect using an FTP client to your website and:

  1. upload the videochat and admin folders from the IP.Board archive to your forum’s root folder
  2. upload the contents of the Files to upload to your web site folder (except admin.html and index.html ) from the AVChat archive to /videochat/

Folder permissions

If your website’s hosted on a Linux server CHMOD the /videochat/uploadedFiles and /videochat/tokens folders to 777.

Complete installation

Activate the App

Now go to your IP.Boards’s AdminCP > System area in a web browser, and click on Manage Applications & Modules in the left sidebar.

On the Manage Apps page, in the right section under Applications Not Installed, the AVChat 3 app will show up. Click Install and then Continue.

The app will now install. Once it’s done installing a confirmation message will show up:

This installation is now complete

A new link Video Chat will show up in the forum’s front end main menu. Clicking on it will bring up the AVChat login screen but AVChat won’t yet connect to the media server because it does not know where it is. Onward!

Connect AVChat to the media server app

In AdminCP’s top menu click on Other Apps -> AVChat 3. The AVChat 3 settings page will load.

In the RTMP Connectionstring section insert your connection string for the media server app ( it should look like this rtmp://media-server-ip/avchat30/_definst_ ). Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

Your AVChat copy is now configured to connect to the media server.

Enter the chat and insert the license key

There’s a new Video Chat link in IP.Board’s front end menu, click on it.

The page with AVChat on it will load and AVChat’s login screen will show up.

Your username will be automatically filled:

Click [Enter Chat]. AVChat will now connect to the media server and ask you for the license key.

Enter the key (It’s in your private client/trial area) and press [Submit].

Application Features

Access the AVChat admin area

If you want to log in as hidden, kick/ban users, close/delete rooms, view users IP’s and a lot of other cool stuff that admins do, you’ll have to use the AVChat admin interface.

By default no IP.Board member group has access to the video chat as admin. You will need to configure this permission for each member group.

While logged in the AdminCP do the following:

  • Click on Members in the top menu
  • In the left sidebar click on Manage Member Groups
  • Click on the member group you want to give AVChat admin access to
  • Click on the AVChat 3 tab, the AVChat permissions for that member group will load
  • Check Yes for Can access chat as admin
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Complete Edit

Now, whenever a user belonging to that member group will access the chat, the AVChat admin interface will now load, instead of the one for regular members.

Open AVChat in a pop up

By default AVChat 3 is embedded in your IP.Board page but you might want AVChat to open in a pop up window to make it easier for your users to browse your website while in the chat.

  1. From AdminCP click on Other Apps -> AVChat 3
  2. For Open Method select popup
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Save

Limiting features to certain member groups

IP.Board 3 member groups

IP.Board 3 ships with 6 member groups:

  • Administrators
  • Banned
  • Guests
  • Members
  • Moderators
  • Validating

Limiting AVChat features

To control what AVChat features (creating rooms, sending PM’s, viewing webcams, etc.) are available to each member group do the following from the AdminCP:

  1. go to Members and the click on Manage Members Groups in the left sidebar.
  2. click on the member group you want to edit and then on the AVChat 3 tab.
  3. change the AVChat permissions for that member group and click Complete Edit at the bottom.

Preventing visitors (guests) from accessing the video chat

From the AdminCP:

  1. Go to Members and click on Manage Member Groups
  2. Click on Guests then on the AVChat 3 tab
  3. Select No for Can access chat
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Complete Edit

Visitors will still see the Video Chat link but they will be asked to sign in or register.

Location of AVChat & module files

All the AVChat files including:

  • all the module files
  • index.swf and admin.swf
  • language files
  • themes
  • audio/video quality profile files
  • avc_settings.xml
  • integration.php

are located in /videochat/.